Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fulfilling One Resolution

Every year I run from making resolutions, deeming them ignorant and pointless. And EVERY year about this time I come to the realization that I have indeed made resolutions, if only in my mind--which technically isn't a real goal, but reality never follows rules. So in reality, I have indeed made resolutions once again.

My [unofficial] Resolutions for 2009:

1. Resurrect my blogging habit

2. Eat mostly organic & "whole" foods

3. Master the art of baking bread

4. Understand internet marketing tools better

5. Live at peace in all circumstances

6. Read through the Bible again

7. Serve others more

8. Believe God the first time

9. Accept my husband for who he is

10. Worship God in new ways

So there you have it. This entry is the path to fulfilling Resolution #1. Which also is my PROJECT Candy for this week...I really hope it lasts! I think comments help a blogger to PLEASE help me by posting comments often.