Saturday, January 17, 2009

Office Supplies

Is it just me or do most people LOVE office supplies? I must have had the ideal job when I was in charge of ordering them. I remember that year. I invented a whole new system of filing my budget reports probably just so I could order the newest trendiest colored file folders. Well, I'm back at it. I'm getting ready to co-facilitate LeadershipPlenty modules for our church and community. Our Horizons coach dropped off the box of supplies yesterday and I think she may have been surprised by my enthusiasm as I greeted the box of goodies.
So, what does this have to do with projects?'s my latest project of course. Getting all of the materials ingrained in my head, preparing all of the supplies and resources, setting up the room, and brushing up on facilitator do's and dont's. It's the item of business that receives all of my attention from now until Session 1 is complete.

Here's the balance: I attended son's basketball games had good conversation with hubby all the way there and back. Made homemade chicken noodles soup (whole wheat homemade rolled out noodles) AND learned this amazing misnomer in my Bible reading today: YES, Jacob had to work for 14 years to receive Rachel as his wife BUT he was able to marry her after 7 years and 1 week THEN work the remaining seven years while being married to her. Also---noting God's consistent use of dreams to speak to people during this time period.
And for influence of office supplies and Jesus I've had on my daughter pictured below:

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