Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Farm Fresh Eggs

In an effort to eat more natural and whole foods, I have been buying eggs from a local farmer who has some egg-layers. Aren't these eggs beautiful???? I love the bluish/green eggs the best. And they really do taste different...richer..delicious!!!!

God has been speaking to me about eggs lately. A lady in church shared a comparison of our lives to eggs. She pointed out that eggs are useless unless they are cracked. Even if you hard-boil the egg, you still have to crack and peel the shell off before you can eat it.

I've had dreams about eggs and chickens off an on over the past couple of months. I read something in a book a few days ago that made a lot of sense. The author said her dreams are like eggs that God gives her to incubate. He will hatch the full understanding in his time, but until then she must tend to them, pray over them and continue to seek God for answers regarding them.

There is nothing like the mysteries of God and when He lets me in on one of His secret treasures, my love for Him is indescribable because I know how much He loves me.

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