Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Project Potted Herbs

So by now, everyone knows that I'm only a creative copier right? I don't know that I ever create anything new, but I'm really good at copying other's great ideas. So here again is another example of creative copying, credit to Centsational Girl for her Sensational idea!

Prepare to make your own labeled pots.
Spray Paint
(They make special "Plastic" Spray Paint, but I read the back of the can of regular spray paint and it listed plastic as a surface that the paint could be used on, so I saved a couple of dollars)
Plants or Seeds
(I used both. I purchased these plants at Bomgaars at 30% off since it is a little late in the season to be starting herbs)
Letter Stickers
(Scrapbook Section. Pick out a pack that has several of each letter)
Plastic Pots
(I had these plastic pots leftover from last years attempt to grow tomatoes . They were too small for such a task.)

I attempted to use and old scrapbook tip by carefully placing the stickers on the ruler to produce a nice straight word with perfectly spaced letters to apply to the pot.
It didn't work well with the curvature of the pot, so I resorted to eyeballing it after the first attempt.

I found an iron rod to stick in the ground to serve as a holder for the pot while I spray painted it.

Spray paint the entire pot and allow to dry. I learned that the hard way as my impatience got the best of me and I peeled the stickers off too soon. I also found that doing a light coat where the letters are is best so the paint doesn't peel when you remove the stickers.
If you peel carefully, you can reuse letters for the next pot.

The finished product
If you like perfect outcomes versus a little shabby, you would want to use fresh stickers each time and perhaps measure out a straight line to place the stickers on.

Add some potting soil

and a plant (or seeds)

and have the cutest little collection of potted herbs you've ever seen!

Thanks again Centsational Girl!


  1. This is very cool. If I have learned anything this year it is that herbs belong in a pot! AND, just so everyone knows, if it ever looks like there is creativity on my behalf--- it is all a sham. I am a copier as well. There is nothing new under my sun.

  2. What a delightful way to grow herbs! I'm going to keep this in my list of things to do as soon as my hubby and I find a place.