Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Days on the Farm

I am loving every minute of living on the farm (except the minutes that I see a spider or bug trying to habitate INside rather than OUTside). I'm praying that the this isn't just the "newness" of it all, but that I really will find joy in farm life for as long as God has us here.

The past four or five summers have involved some type of baseball/t-ball schedule for at least one month. This year, both kids opted and out and I couldn't be more thrilled. Although we are wrapped up in selling every Saturday at the Farmer's Market, there is a freedom that accompanies this summer that seems like I haven't had since I lived here before 6 years ago. It is also reminiscent of my own childhood spent on this very same farm around 20 years ago. I am amazed that my children are the 5th generation to live in this old farmhouse.

I thought it only fitting to post some pictures of our days here on the farm. Enjoy!

The boys setting up the trampoline given to us by my hubbies family.
Enjoying a swim break on the back steps
(White Pear Tea and Sarah's Granola Bar)

Roasting Marshmallows over the Burn Barrel with next door cousin.

Breakfast on the back steps
(When you live on the farm you can step right out of bed and jump in the pool you know)

One of the many meals made with produce from our very own garden.

The leak in the living room when torrential rains hit from the west.

Cooling off with Daddy

My Mannequin's (Jeffery) view of the garden

"Enjoying" yet another drive to town on a road that has been being worked on since 2 days after we moved in causing us to go 10 minutes (at least) out of our way each way.
Picture me running and jumping in over the edge from the left.
My routine: Weed in the Garden, Jump in Pool, Weed in the Garden, Jump in the Pool.
It seems to keep the danger of heat exhaustion at bay.
Happy 4th Day of Summer!

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  1. I saw your post on the WATF forum & came for a visit. What a treat!
    I expect I wouldn't mind weeding so much if I had a routine such as yours. Our problem with a pool (we once had one like that) was that the temps were so warm, the water was never very cold. Then, there were the frogs & waterbugs - but that was an entirely different problem. :-)
    Thanks for sharing your Gma's recipe. I hope to try it out soon.