Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We WILL have Water

Here is our solar still tutorial through pictures in case you're ever caught in the wild with no water. Don't waste time getting this set up. It takes a good 24 hours to get a few drops to drink.

I think that is probably the hardest part about survival....realizing you need to kick into survival mode. I mean think about it. If you are preparing to survive the first hour you think you might be lost or stranded, your chances for survival are probably better. If you wait a whole 24 hours thinking you'll be rescued, you've lost a lot of valuable time and will have to wait one more day before you have water.

Anyway, I don't ever plan to be in the situation where I will need to know this, but does anyone plan to be stranded besides Man Vs. Wild or Survivorman? Okay, maybe my friend who is gearing up for a 4-6 day hike in Canada.

You will see with the following pictures, there a few things you may want to carry with you in the event you are stranded. Here you go:

Happy hydrating! I saw on Youtube a solar still about 6 feet across. That may get you some more water. We didn't get enough to drink through the straw, but the bowl and underside of the plastic was covered in condensation.

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