Thursday, September 3, 2009

Willow Tree Art

For science last week we labeled parts of a tree, so for Art I thought it only fitting to draw some trees. I picked willow trees because we are again catering our studies around the the "Little House" books. This year we're starting with "On the Banks of Plum Creek." Well, on the banks of plum creek Laura and Mary spend some time playing in and on the Willow Trees.
So to begin, we watched a little video (that I can't seem to find the link to now) on how to do simple willow tree drawings. We did a little practice sketch and then headed outside to spy various trunk options. We each picked our own little quiet spot with sketch paper and writing utensils in tow.

After about 30 minutes, the results were in. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love love love (like Eloise loves pink), art. The only bad art I've ever seen, is art that wasn't attempted by the creator to be art in the first place. And even that can turn out amazing at times.

My daughter is completely opposite of my son and I in our approach to creating art. My first attempt is usually the one I go back to liking the most, but I always attempt to recreate, to expound on my first attempt. I end up putting out a couple of bad products, and then a finale that I have usually overdone. I've noticed my son doing this as well.

Not my daughter. She takes her time on the first piece and she would just assume be done. It is more of a task to check off the list than an artistic expression experience. By the time she tries her second and third, it turns to 3-year old scribbling.

There are few things that give me as much delight as looking at the artwork of several artists (especially young, beginner artists) that have created the same thing from their own perspective and talent. Such a reminder of the uniqueness God has created us with.

Now, I'll let you decide who drew which willow tree.

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