Monday, May 3, 2010

30 Days as a Raw* Vegan*

*Exceptions to follow.

Perfect time to resurrect my junky blog. I am embarking on a journey for 30 days committed to eating a Raw Vegan Diet (exceptions to follow). I would really like to go into the why's, but for fear I will get caught up in time of blogging and lose sight of the goal I will only give these details for the "Why Raw Vegan."

1. Physically: After reading several books on the subject and testimonies from others, I believe this may be THE Best way to eat for optimal health and wellness. I say maybe, because I'm open to change...if I weren't I wouldn't be open to this, right?

2. Emotionally: Honestly, I am addicted to sugar and carbs. Even though when I consume them I feel bogged down, foggy, and lethargic. I want to be mentally alert and not emotionally sluggish and irritable if you know what I mean.

3. Spiritually: I want to be able to have a lifestyle of fasting and prayer and in order to not have a migraine and other sickness everytime I fast, my eating must change so I can transition easier into a fast. Although I am not calling the next 30 days a fast...for whatever reason....I will lean on God every step of the way and offer this up to Him as a sacrifice as I enter a "season" of pressing into Him.

I have decided to blog this 30 Day "Project" for accountability and encouragement. Let me clarify. Accountability is me posting for all to see with the possibility of failing in front of everyone. The encouragement is YOU (anyone reading) urging me on without criticism. :)

I expect as I blog the next 30 days, more of the "why" will come out.

The Rules:

1. Two meals per day are Raw (not cooked)
2. All snacks Raw
3. One meal per day can be Cooked
4. No meat, unless organic, grass-fed (thanks to Thankful Harvest) or my very own farm-raised chickens...but will still be eaten sparingly.
5. No dairy unless Raw Milk or made with Raw Milk....again sparingly.

1. Nuts (Raw will not be necessary as Raw Almonds are nearly impossible to come by)
2. Eggs (Local Farm-Raised only)....sparingly.

That's it. No inspiring writing, fancy words, or bible verses to match up. Keeping it simple so I'll continue on. In the words of Gabriel from The Office, "Ciao'."

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  1. I have been reading your daily entries, but hadn't made it back to read the initial post. Thanks for linking our website. We are honored to provide you with local, grassfed, organic meat.

    Thankful Harvest