Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day Three PRPV

Made it! Down 3 more lbs this morning for total of 5lbs. Had some ups and downs today, but probably mixed with stress and too many "irons in the fire."

Breakfast: 1 Coffee, 1 Banana, Smoothie
Snack: 2 Bananas, Red Pear, Clementine, Naval Orange
Snack 2: 1/4 C. Cashews, 1/4C. Pistachios
(I Just felt off this morning and kept trying different things to get rid of the feeling)
Lunch: Oh, Thank the Lord for Taco Del Mar!!! Baja Bowl, no rice, meat, or cheese.
Snack: Freshly Juiced Juice, assorted
Supper: Portobella Mushroom Burger on Wheat with Sauteed Vegetables, Avocado, Tomato, and Spinach with Steamed Asparagus. (Picture above).
Snack: Grapes, and 1 bite of plum. HA!
Detox Symptoms: When I woke up this morning, one of my joints in my fingers was really sore (I have occasionally soreness in this finger, but was noticeably worse and not combined with the neighboring finger as usual). I felt decent all morning but noticed my jaw was hurting like crazy from biting into fruit and eating nuts. I have chronic jaw problems that my chiropractor has helped with A LOT. I hit a wall at about noon when I was far from home for lunch and faced with the decision to eat out AGAIN! I was irritable and becoming quite dizzy and slight headache. As soon as I ate an hour later, I felt a whole lot better. The rest of the day was good except for that weird mouth soreness...more like in my teeth...added with the sore jaw which is all just a little annoying...but bearable compared to the migraines I've had in the past.
Obstacles: Just got real bored with the fruit today and felt like I couldn't satisfy a craving for something I didn't even know that I was craving. Usually it is an avocado, but that wasn't it.
Joys: I drank 54 oz of water today....that is a great accomplishment for me!!! Also I am doing a Garden for Life Detox that friend, Cara, gave me. I've used it off and on, but am going to try to be more consistent and use the rest up until it is gone. I LOVED the Portobello Mushroom Burger. I was pleasently surprised as I tried one many, many years ago and couldn't eat more than one bite. I will definitely be having that again and won't be long that I won't even care about the bun!

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