Monday, May 10, 2010

Day Eight PRPV

Up 1lb, total weight loss 8lbs.

Breakfast: Smoothie, Coffee
Snack: Banana, Tea
Lunch: Salad Greens, 1/2 Avocado, nuts, apple, craisins
Snack: Raw Brownies, Coffee
Supper: Garden Minestrone, 1 Piece Rudi's Oat Bread
Snack: Smoothie and Banana

Did okay on the water....but should have drank more.

Detox Symptoms: Well...I started my monthly cycle with a bang! Irritable & crampy is putting it mildly. I didn't feel like doing much today, but still had energy most of the day. My right foot is still hurting and my eyes were red today (a detox symptom my mom had while detoxing one thought it was noteable). Dry mouth.

Obstacles: CRAVINGS!!! Chocolate especially. I overindulged in raw brownies, but at least I shared them with a friend over coffee. I just felt off today and felt hungry but didn't feel like eating if that makes any sense at all I don' t know. Sometimes I feel the need to hoarde my fruit in case I want to have a mono-meal. I hoping to have a couple of mm's tomorrow.

Joys: Hmmmmm...not a real joyful day today other than a good friend to share the day with. The Garden Minestrone was very good too! Oh....and I think it is the first day since I started that I had every meal and snack at that is an accomplishment!

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