Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day Seven PRPV

The RAW Brownies may seem like a bit of an indulgence, but I have given up A LOT of sugar! The brownies are made with Sprouted Almonds, Cocoa, Honey, Coconut Oil, and Dates. The "batter" is pictured below. I just take the "dough" and roll into individual balls, store them in the freezer. Yum-zee.

Now to Day Seven. The struggle of a social life on below.

Yahoo!!! I've completed Seven Days. Will post picture tomorrow...not that there is a noticeable difference!

I'm not giving a weight update today, because the scale was acting up a little. I wasn't able to get a consistent reading that I trusted, so we'll see what happens tomorrow morning which will actually complete 7 full days from when I started.
Breakfast: Smoothie with assorted fruit, spinach, and carrot juice and a truffle made by Kabs for Mother's Day.
Lunch: All Beef Brat (Organic Grass-Fed) Gumbo (Asparagus, Celery, Corn, Mushrooms, Meatless Organic Beef Broth) with Rice and Quinoa served over salad greens
Snack: Organic Milk Mocha Drink, Raw Brownie (Pictured)
Supper: Assorted Frozen Fruit and Nuts (served at graduation party), salad greens with avocado and Raw Ricotta.
Snack: Small Smoothie and Raw Brownie

Detox Symptoms: Last night shortly after I posted my blog, I sat down to eat a couple of plums and I got a sharp headache in my left temple. It lasted about 30 minutes and then passed. Beginning yesterday and continuing into today, my Plantar's Fasciatis has flared up on my right foot....not sure if this is a detox symptom or not. Also, my scalp is extremely dry and flaky...again not sure if it is detox or not....hubs wanted me to mention that my breath stinks....thanks babe. The mocha was a little too much....felt a little sugar dizzy after drinking (had raw cane sugar in it).

Obstacles: Ugh. Today was difficult. I was irritable again because of the social tempations I knew I would be faced with again today. I was very hungry this morning and ate later than I should have. I came home to lunch fixed for me and thankfully it was within the parameters of my guidelines. I just had to switch my idea of eating my raw meal from lunch to supper. We joined my mom at the Valley Drive-In for hot fudge sundaes and I brought my mocha smoothie and raw brownie with. Later, we had a graduation party to attend and I was so thankful to see they had a simple bowl of frozen fruit. I filled half a plate and went back for some nuts instead of cake for dessert. When I got home I sat down with a nice bowl of salad and filled my stomach. I had some sugar cravings today and once I got past lunch...I was able to sail through the day.

Joys: A relative I haven't seen in awhile came up to me at a graduation party to tell me how great I look and that she could see how hard I must be working at something. She said she had to look twice. Keep in mind, over the past year and half I have lost 40 lbs and am now building on that. It was just the words I needed to hear to encourage me to continue this 30 day challenge.

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