Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day Seventeen PRPV

Boy, I'm getting behind!! Two late nights in a row...and I'm procrastinating because I have fallen into temptation today. :(

Breakfast: 3 Bananas with Flax Seed
Snack: Raw Chocolate Pie (I really wanted to leave this out, but I had a buddy share with me, so I'm busted)
Lunch: Salad with various veggies, avocado, dressing, raw ricotta AND another piece of Chocolate Pie. The pieces ARE little slivers, so I think the 2 combined equals 1 average size piece.
Snack: Papaya Smoothie
Supper: 1 Organic, All-Beef Bratwurst, 1/2 potato, carrots and a piece of toast with all fruit Jam.
Snack: 4 Roasted Marshmallows (Who can resist this around a campfire?????) AND 4 marshmallows = 1 Serving = 90 Calories = Sugar High

Water: 96oz

Detox Symptoms: Am I even detoxing eating like this??? I did get some dizziness within 15 minutes of eating the marshmallows

Obstacles: The obvious temptations!! Help!! I feel myself slipping....just wanting to gobble up some Warm, Yummy, Rudi's bread. I don't really crave's the carbs , which I'm getting plenty from the fruit, but I sooooo want more!!! The camping atmosphere really brings longing for camping food. Oh...I did put some yogurt and raw milk in the Papaya Smoothie.

Joys: The marshmallows were REALLLLLY good.

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