Friday, May 7, 2010

Day Five PRPV

Down 1/2 pound maybe???? Total loss: 3.5 lbs if this is accurate.

Temptation was the theme for today!!! Sometimes I think I have too much of a social life for this regimen. More about this under "obstacles."

Breakfast: 3 Bananas, Chia Seed, Raisins, 2 Sips of Coffee (thank for using raw cream April!)
Snack: Citron Kambucha (1/2 bottle and then sipped it down the rest of the day), 1/2 Raw Brownie (Beginning of tempation on road trip to pick-up food co-op order).
Lunch: Potluck and Homeschool Co-op. This ended up being my cooked meal for the day. 3 small bites homemade mac & cheese that I brought so I knew the ingredients, 4 bites rotini salad, Sloppy Joe made with organic, grass-fed beef and organic ingredients on a homemade roll, lots of lettuce/spinach salad, lots of watermelon & mixed fruit, 1 bite of a scotcheroo, 1/2 piece of bread with raw honey.
Snack: Raisins, 1 Cup of Coffee, 1/2 Raw Brownie, Hot Tea
Supper: Lettuce/Spinach Salad with cucumber, tomato, mushrooms, avocado and homemade dressing
Snack: 1/4 of a pineapple (which my mouth is still hurting from), Detox powder

96 oz of WATER!!!!!

Detox Symptoms: Breaking out on my face continues. That's it today!! And endless trips to the bathroom due to all the water I'm drinking equals annoying!!!

Obstacles: The obvious temptation to put the challenge aside for the day and DIVE into the smorgasbord of other-people's-home-cooked-food. Not that I was hungry...just smelled so de-lish! I am happy with my decisions regardless. I am so grateful for a group of families that cook healthy! However, this very situation is the one thing that turns me off from making a long-term decision to eat this way. After all Jesus tells us not to worry about what we eat and I find myself giving a lot of thought and worry about what I will eat. I don't want to stick out and have attention drawn to me everytime I go to a social function because I have a plate full of fruit or worse have to bring my own food because of lack of options. No, I don't care about being different and Yes, I know my health is important enough...I would just rather them notice Jesus in my life and not focus on what I am eating or not eating. And one of my besties knows well to not try to make exceptions or special arrangements for me...don't take this burden on...I will figure out what to eat...I just don't want it to consume me and who I am. Ok, end rant...that is my obstacle focus today.

Joys: Again, no cravings!! I love this. I always buy a little piece of chocolate when I visit Taste of Country (health food store we order food through). Today, I didn't even think about it and when I looked down and saw the chocolate, I didn't even care about it. I did however buy the raw brownie around the corner because I didn't want to miss out on that opportunity!! LOTS of energy again and NO sluggishness, dizziness, headaches today...Whoot!

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