Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day Two PRPV

Day Two Part Raw Part Vegan Complete!! Down 2 lbs this morning. Water weight???

Here's the scoop:

Breakfast: Smoothie (same as yesterday)

Lunch: Ate Out with Grandma, Perkins in Sioux City

Ordered Spinach and Chicken Salad minus the chicken, eggs, and cheese. They ended up charging me for a side salad and added extra for the mushrooms.

Snack: 2 Bananas, Red Pear, Hibiscus Tea

Supper: Watched my family eat at the Valley Drive In and then went home and ate...

Lettuce Greens with Black Bean and Corn Salsa I made a few days ago, topped with Avocado and a teensy bit of Italian Dressing. Whole Wheat Tortilla with Honey.

Snack: Another Banana and coffee (it was Bible Study night...it's just a given).

Possible Detox Symptoms: Woke up quite sluggish with a slight headache. Went away after a cup of coffee...I know...how bad is that??? Felt really great all day. I was worried spending the day with my 93 year-old Grandma would take a lot of concentrating and attention which usually leaves me dizzy and with a headache. Not today! I was clear headed and not super exhausted.

About 20 minutes after I ate supper, I had about 15 minutes of sleepiness that hit me like a brick. It could have been finally sitting down after a really long day too. I ate standing up and finally sat down to enjoy Bible Study. I had to use the potty A LOT today. I was 3:0 with my Grandma....maybe she has an aversion to public restrooms. Had coffee tonight during Bible Study and I feel a little light-headed. Definitely ready to go night-night.

Obstacles: This eating out has got to end!!! The spinach in the spin salad was good, but bland without some extra veggies to top it off. Also, this day was just non-stop and I had a really hard time finding time to eat. I had in the back of my mind that I needed to eat more than yesterday and I actually had to force myself. I think I could have eaten next to nothing and gotten through. The tortilla and honey probably wasn't the best choice, but had a carb/sugar attack...better than my regular Chocolate Chip Cookie from Casey's I guess.

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