Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Twenty-Three thru Twenty-Five PRPV

So, I've gotten a little behind on the blogging, but still plugging away at the 30 day Challenge.

Tuesday was Day 23 and a good lesson about eating at Monterrey. For lunch I had a bean burrito and forgot to say, "no cheese, please." I felt so sluggish and yuck all afternoon. Not to mention the beans did a number on me. But it was worth meeting a friend for lunch and rekindling our friendship. I should have had a raw meal for supper, but we were having company and I made spaghetti and I didn't want to make them uncomfortable by not eating what I cooked. And I must mention that I made Raw Cheesecake for Bible Study group and I indulged in a sliver.

Wednesday was Day 24 and basically a repeat of Monday, Day 22. I painted on my dad's crew again so did a lot of physical labor aka sweating out toxins, ate a salad at Casmo's, some fruit for snacks, lots and lots of water...think I hit a gallon. For supper, I made Pasta Primavera. And still working on the Cheesecake.

Thursday, Day 25. Smoothie for breakfast. Celery with PB. Salad with Avocado, Tomato, and Dressing at the park with friends. Snacked on SUN CHIPs and Kettle CHIPS. Pear. More Sun Chips (I probably had 15 chips over the course of the day). Apple with PB and Honey. Today was a VERY HARD day. I just did not feel full, my body felt worn down, fruit did not taste good, and I just craved salty, crunchy food. For supper I had a guest for supper and taught her how to make Tilapia. I also made mashed potatoes (to score points with my Babe) and green beans. Small little piece of cheesecake.

5 DAYS LEFT!!!! Then I am hoping to score some HCG drops for a 30 day run and then back to PRPV. That's my plan for today anyway.

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